Islands for Sale Follow Cave Home onto Real Estate Oddities Market

First it was a cave house that was auctioned off on eBay; now there are private islands for sale. Would you buy an island right now? What is more, would you buy a private island on Second Life?

First it is a Cave Foreclosure that Threatens a Cave Home

Private islands for sale aside, there currently is a unique cave home listed on eBay while a balloon note threatens a cave foreclosure. The eBay cave home auction is scheduled to go until 03-11-09 and for only $300,000 the cave could be yours; unfortunately, even though the story generated much interest, there are no bidders thus far. Will those holding private islands for sale have better luck?

Now it is Islands for Sale

Take for example Burnt Island. Private Islands Online is listing the five acres off the coast of Alaska for $1 million. This is one of the private islands that was discovered by Captain James Cook back in 1778, and is said to only have had one owner. It mentions a private retreat cabin that is built in the unspoiled beauty and Burnt Island sounds like a nice treat for anyone ready to buy an island on the cheap. Or does it?

Private Islands for Sale Are Not Always All They’re Cracked up To Be

Back in 2004 the webmaster Tim Kelley of Crust Outlook Alaska featured a ski trip to Burnt Island. Providing copious photos – among them a moose brought down by a pack of wolves – he details that the picturesque cabin mentioned in the “islands for sale” listing is really little more than a rotted shack that has not been maintained in over 40 years. What is more, he mentioned that if you want to buy an island, this one was only appraised at $10,000, a far cry from the $1,000,000 for which it is currently on the market.

Sometimes These Islands for Sale Are Not Even Real

There is an eBay auction that features a Second Life 4096 square meters of private island property which is rated commercial or residential. This auction, too, is scheduled to go until 03-11 and thus far there are no bidders, even though this virtual private island parcel is attractively priced at $1. Second Life, as you may want to know before bidding, is a virtual world. Is the recession now hitting make belief real estate?

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